Policies & Guidelines

The owners of this private, unmoderated internet discussion group hope you will find something worthy to contribute and take away with you under these express terms.

Our list rules are designed to ensure that this forum remains a healthy environment where individuals who have been chemically injured can comfortably discuss their conditions and issues related to this illness. We do not claim to represent this diverse community nor do we subscribe groups/individuals making such claims.

The following guidelines are designed to minimize the conflicts, which are inevitable wherever large numbers of persons with serious problems gather to discuss personal and highly-charged issues. We understand the unique stresses upon our members and try to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding and support.

A more concise listing of these rules for quick reference is available here:
Short List of Guidelines

Questions may be directed to the owners at
chemicalinjurysupport-owner@yahoogroups.com .

This expanded discussion is divided into the following parts:

a) Posting Guidelines
b) Moderation Policies [including actions taken when list members violate posting guidelines]
c) Editorial Policies
d) Business & Housing Announcement Guidelines