About Us

The Chemical Injury Support group began as MCS-CI-Hope [later MCS-CI-Hope2] on November 1, 2002, after the owners of the very successful MCS-CI-Exile list decided to retire. Maggie McRaven wanted to focus on other forms of advocacy as well as health issues. Norbert ‘Nodi’ Dichter had to focus on his strength for staying healthy in the work force.

They handed over the reins to Exile members LaVonne Ellis, “peach” and a small team of devoted volunteer moderators headed by Barbara Rubin. It soon became clear to LaVonne and “peach” that Barbara should become an owner, and they were immensely grateful when she accepted. “Peach” is no longer actively involved in running the list.

After much consideration and discussion, Barb and LaVonne decided in early 2006 to rename the group Chemical Injury Support, to more accurately reflect the broad spectrum of health problems affecting its members. The name change went into effect on March 15, 2006.

List Owners

Barbara Rubin [agasaya] is a former New York speech pathologist, college instructor and school administrator disabled by pesticide poisoning. She is also a freelance writer whose articles and letters about the toxic effects of chemicals may be viewed at www.armchairactivist.us. Barbara now lives in New England.

LaVonne Ellis [bornfamous1] is a former radio journalist disabled by carbon monoxide poisoning. She is a freelance editor who also maintains a personal blog and a natural health news site. LaVonne is the mother of two sons and lives in San Diego, CA.

Our Hard-Working Moderators

Priscilla, MRF, Lynn, Nancy, and Lindy