Short rules list

The owners of this private, unmoderated internet group hope you will each find something worthy to contribute and take away with you, under the following terms.

Our list rules are designed to ensure that this forum remains a healthy environment in which chemically injured individuals can comfortably discuss their conditions and issues related to this illness. We do not claim to represent this diverse community nor do we subscribe groups/individuals making such claims.

The following guidelines are designed to minimize the conflicts which are inevitable when large groups gather to discuss personal and highly charged issues. We understand the unique stresses on our members and try to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding and support. A more detailed explanation of the rules is available here: Posting Guidelines

1. Discussions must be on topic but avoid all references to the highly personal and subjective issue of religion. Objective references to political events and politicians’ records which shape our environment are appropriate but no partisan politics or electioneering is permitted.

2. Healthy debate is welcome but the language of all posts must be civil and respectful of diversity. If you are unsure how to express yourself appropriately feel free to seek the help of the owners and moderators in formulating any ‘highly charged’ post.

3. Members will inevitably be drawn to ‘backchannel’ discussions (i.e., off-list communications with other members) but you have the same responsiblity to maintain civility in those contacts.

4. Each member is unique, and information regarding recommended treatment regimens, products and services must contain qualifiers informing readers that their results may differ (e.g.,YMMV or your mileage may vary.) What is safe for one person may be life-threatening to another.

5. In order to maintain discussions which are free of conflicts of interest, members may not post messages concerning treatments, products or services in which they stand to profit financially. Posts should contain an assurance to this effect such as NFI (no financial interest).

6. Members with special interests, such as researchers, vendors or participants in activist groups, may provide a link to their separate sites/web pages under their signature lines when posting on permitted subjects. They may inform the membership about these interests more fully in our business announcements, issued twice monthly.

7. No harvesting of email addresses is permitted for mass mailings, spamming, etc. Recipients of backchannel communications must be welcoming of such contacts, or they should cease.

8. Yahoogroups does not accept attachments and will delete them automatically. We do not permit journaling, jokes, chain letters or the forwarding of internet ‘urban legends’.

9. This is a privately owned list and all posts should be deemed protected under privacy and copyright laws. Posts may not be forwarded to or from this list without the express written permission of their authors. Copyright laws are also to be respected in the posting of news/research articles. URL’s should be posted, along with just a paragraph or two, to let readers know the basic content of the item.

10. Be respectful of the fact that list members are chronically ill, many severely so. Restrict the reading/scanning time necessary for list participation by avoiding the re-posting of old messages when you respond to another post. Simply quote a key line or two of the prior message to remind readers of the topic at hand.

Please see our expanded version of these rules for more detailed explanations, a discussion of our remedies for rule violations and our moderation policies.

When in doubt, remember that you are a guest in ‘our home’. We wish you to be comfortable and enjoy your stay, but we do not allow anyone to abuse our hospitality and discomfort our other guests!