Posting Guidelines

1. Discussions must be on-topic but avoid all references to the highly personal and subjective issues of religion and partisan politics. Objective references to political events and politicians’ records which shape our environment are appropriate but no partisan politics or electioneering is permitted.

We wish members to share information but certain subjective opinions are personal, and therefore, challenges to those views are innapropriate and not a productive use of this list. Everyone is entitled to practice their faith and vote their conscience–or reject organized religion and/or politics. When in doubt regarding the appropriateness of your posting topic, feel free to discuss it with the owners/moderators in advance.

2. Healthy debate is welcome but the language of all posts must be civil and respectful of diversity. If you are unsure how to express yourself appropriately, feel free to seek the help of the owners and moderators in formulating a ‘highly-charged’ post.

3. Members will inevitably be drawn to ‘backchannel’ discussions, (i.e. off-list communications with ‘list siblings’), but have the same responsiblity to maintain civility in those contacts.

The reason we deem backchannel communications to be the business of the list owners is because they center around responses to list posts. People post to the list with the expectation that they will be protected from unacceptable responses (flames, harrassment, spamming, etc.). Members cannot evade their responsibility for civil communication by moving to the ‘backchannel’ venue. If we receive complaints of abusive backchannel messages, we will deal with them as we would innapropriate list postings.

4. Each member is unique, and information regarding recommended treatment regimens, products and services must contain qualifiers informing readers that their results may differ (e.g.YMMV or Your Mileage May Vary). What is safe for one person may be life-threatening to another. Posts reflect personal experiences and theoretical constructs. They are not a prescription for all members to follow.

Science no longer agrees that it is the ‘dose’ that makes the ‘poison.’ It is very important to know as much as possible about the ingredients in the products we use. Please respect your fellow members by offering such information if you discuss a product on the list [e.g., list the ingredients from the label or post a link to an MSDS sheet if available, etc.] You might simply explain why you selected this product over others to try. Those extra five minutes spent on your post can save hundreds of your co-members time, money, and potentially severe reactions!

It’s really about the products and not just personal tolerances. Once upon a time, most of us thought we ‘tolerated’ the poisons that disabled us in the end.

5. In order to maintain discussions which are free of conflicts of interest, members may not post to the list concerning treatments, products or services in which they stand to profit financially. Posts should contain an assurance to this effect, such as “NFI (no financial interest)”.

The owners also reserve the right to reject list posts/ads containing information we know to be factually untrue or misleading (e.g. that swinging a chicken over your head under a full moon cures allergies).

Be advised that we also take the firm stance that poisons cause damage to everyone and that no treatment program will render such substances harmless in future encounters. While one may become less aware of adverse effects, poisons still damage the body with or without overt reactions. Claims to the contrary will not be posted.

6. Material which is ‘off topic’ is restricted as follows:

Members with special interests (e.g. researchers, authors, vendors, activists, group leaders) can bring their independent web sites/blogs to the attention of their fellow list members. As these may be considered advertising or simply ‘off topic’, placement of these links should appear next to/beneath the member’s signature, rather than as part of a list post. A link may be followed by a single sentence which concisely describes the nature of the link. For example: [John Smith,, Fine jewelry and costume pieces sold within the continental USA]

Additional text discussing these links may be eligible to appear on our announcements pages, issued twice monthly (see Advertising Policies) .

For persons wishing solely to personalize their informational posts, signatures can be expanded with a single sentence placed next to/below their names. For example: [LaVonne Ellis, “It is not a sign of good health to be well adjusted to a sick society.” Krishnamurti]

The text should remain consistent with guidelines for appropriate CIS list content. Signature lines which exceed this length will be considered another form of ‘journaling’. Of course, if the text is related to the post, it should be incorporated within the body of the message, in whatever style of expression is favored by the author.

7. No harvesting of email addresses is permitted for mass mailings, spamming, etc. Recipients of backchannel communications must be welcoming of such contacts or they should cease.

8. Our group does not accept attachments, which are deleted automatically. We do not permit journaling, jokes, chain letters or the passing on of internet ‘urban legends’. Journaling refers to the posting of one’s day-to-day experiences and activities in personal and excruciating detail! We encourage those of you with such fascinating lives to keep a diary or start a blog instead. Just tell us the highlights if relevant to our discussion topics :)))

Speaking of a little humor (and that was a very little humor), we encourage all members to post in a lighthearted a manner as humor is healthy and healing. However, it should be incorporated within your discussions of list topics. We do not allow posts solely consisting of jokes and amusing stories for their own sakes. Many other lists exist for that purpose.

9. This is a privately owned list and all posts should be deemed protected under privacy and copyright laws. Posts may not be forwarded to or from this list without the express written permission of their author. Copyright laws are to be respected in the posting of news/research articles. The URL of any article should be posted, along with only a paragraph or two in order to let readers know the basic content of the item.

If you are not sure whether a post you are writing violates copyright laws, check with the owner/moderators first.

10. Be respectful of the fact that list members are chronically ill, many severely so. Restrict the reading/scanning time necessary for list participation by avoiding the re-posting of old messages when you respond to another post. Simply quote a key line or two of the prior message to remind readers of the topic at hand.

Yes, we also know how convenient it may seem to post the entire prior message you are answering in one of your posts. However, this increases the length of each post and makes it difficult to download and read the digest version of the list. Digest version is a compendium of all posts within a 24 hour period. Imagine having a dozen replies to a single post and having each reply again quote the original message, and all those that follow it, in full! For severely disabled members, Yahoo Phone offers phone access in which all posts are read to the subscriber. Imagine having to listen to all that over and over again!

When in doubt, remember that you are a guest in ‘our home’. We wish you to be comfortable and enjoy your stay, but we do not allow individuals to abuse our hospitality and cause discomfort to our other guests! As a private list, we reserve the right to determine what constitutes appropriate content. If you feel you are being ‘censored’, you are free to question the owner’s decisions as long as our final decisions are accepted as final, and discussions are conducted in a civil manner. You can always choose another venue – or start your own list – to communicate information deemed to be inconsistent with the purposes for which we began this group.