Moderation Policies

This list is unmoderated, i.e., established members who abide by list rules send their messages directly to the list without prior review by our adminstrative staff. Upon being accepted for group membership, new subscribers are automatically placed on moderated status. All of their posts go to a pending file for advance review by list administrators. This continues until it becomes apparent that they have grasped the essentials regarding our posting protocol. The amount of time new members remain on moderated status will vary from person to person, based upon frequency of posting and the number of corrections needed for their posts to be sent on to the list. The shifting of moderated members to unmoderated status is at the discretion of the list owners.

When a post is reviewed and found to be in violation of posting guidelines, it is “rejected’ by our administrative staff. That means, yahoogroups allows us to return the post to the author and add our comments about it. These comments explain the nature of the error and will appear at either the top of the post being returned or at the end of that post. You are free to discuss the problem further if the comments are unclear or simply make the corrections and resend your message.

We do not edit the posts of our members unless they request our assistance with composing a difficult post. On occasion, we may remove non-content material (e.g. yahoo ads) but this is rare since it is an imposition on the limited time of our adminstrative staff.

When a member repeats their errors over and over again, we may begin deleting their error messages without explanation since the nature of the error has already been addressed repeatedly.

Unmoderated members may be shifted to moderated status by virtue of their posting one or more unacceptable messages to the list. Such posts may be deleted from our website. The author is informed about their error. The severity of the error made can lead to that member being placed on moderated status for an indeterminate length of time at the owners’ discretion.

Moderation is not intended to be a punishment! It is designed to allow all subscribers to participate in this forum without causing unintentional harm to other subscribers or interfering with the efficient administration of the list (remember, administration staff are sick too!). We are here to help.

Members who appear to be causing intentional harm to other members (e.g. flaming, posting of harmful practices, endorsement of illegal activities etc.) will be counseled as to the unacceptable nature of their actions. The owners reserve the right to place such members on permanent moderation, ‘read-only’ status (loss of posting prividges) or to ban them from list participation altogether. We do not wish to cut off any sufferer from contacts with others in the community and have only banned a few persons (less than five) in all the years of our existence. However, we cannot accommodate persons who detract from the well-being of our membership or demand so much of our time that it threatens our abilities to administer the list as a whole.

Our staff is comprised of two list owners and several list members who offer their time and energies to keep our list functioning efficiently. All administrative staff are volunteers receiving NO compensation of any type for their work. All administrative staff are also sufferers of this illness, some severely disabled by it. All understand the needs of our membership. All share the owners’ commitment to our mission and are here to help members follow the guidelines imposed which allow us to accomplish that mission.

The owners are extremely grateful to all our volunteers, without whom we could not continue to provide this list to our 500+ subscribers. It is often a thankless task!. Their intelligence, compassion, generosity and perseverance in their own difficult lives is an incredible example to us. Thank you, Moderators!

Members who wish more information about moderation staff and practices should contact the owners. Members who wish to volunteer their services to help administer the list should do so as well.