Group vs. Individual Subscriptions

Members are certainly welcome to mention the formation of their own internet groups to our subscribers with the following provisos now in force for all members:

1. Chemical Injury Support goup is open to membership by individuals with chemical injury. We do not subscribe “Groups” per se and posts to CIS must be made by individuals only. All subscribers are free to place the URLs of their groups or individual websites/businesses in the signature line of posts sent to the CIS list.

2. A general announcement about internet groups owned or managed by a subscriber will be welcome if it contains certain basic information:

-Name of Group
-Information about the owner or sponsor (at minimum a name)
-Method of communication used, i.e. chat, email or message board?
-Moderated or unmoderated?
-Purpose of group
-URL to site

3. If the group accepts or intends to accept donations for any purpose, it should be listed only on the monthly business announcements page and must have non-profit corporate status to do so. Individuals with their own web groups may not advertise for donations without that official status.

4. The owners of CIS will add a rider to your announcement stating:
Chemical Injury Support group has no affiliation with the group advertised and is not responsible for its content.

We hope these guidelines will be useful to you in writing an announcement about your group for posting on the Hope2 list. Please feel free to write to us with any further information you require.