Is There a Cure?

The questions that get asked the most after someone becomes chemically injured are “what is the cure” or “what treatments are best.”

The major researchers in the field recommend avoidance (a rather unpopular choice) and all agree there is no cure. Various treatment options are available that seem to alleviate symptoms for some people and are determined by unique individuality, exposure history, duration of time living with chemical injury, and other variables. There have been a number of treatment surveys done by reputable chemical injury researchers outlining results with many of these treatment options.

Chemical injury is not to be confused with allergic reactions, and the treatment options for histamine-type reactions do not work for chemical injury.

As with any other illness, charlatans target desperate sufferers touting miracle “cures” and take money from unsuspecting, trusting chemically injured people, who not only do not get well, but often are encouraged to dangerously re-expose themselves to poisons with very dire consequences. It is foolhardy to think that any treatment will turn poison into “not poison.”

Prior to taking anyone’s word–please take the responsibility to fully investigate all claims thoroughly, get more than one opinion, ask for full credentials, and know enough about your own individuality prior to embarking on any course of treatment. The very last thing anyone wants to do is make their own health worse, and there are some treatments out there that can very well do that.

As they say, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!