Chemical Injury Support is a group created for those suffering from injuries and disease processes arising from exposures to toxic substances. “Toxic Effects of Chemicals” is one of many medical diagnoses that reflect an array of immediate and deferred effects of poisons from external and/or internal sources. Among patients, new diagnostic labels like MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), TILT (Toxic Induced Loss of Tolerance), E.I. (Environmental Illness), GWS (Gulf War Syndrome) and WTC (World Trade Center) syndrome, have come to represent the many faces of this emerging class of illnesses. The increasing evidence of environmental causation for many conditions including cardiac and respiratory ailments, many cases of ME/CFIDS/CFS and central nervous system disorders like Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease, all ‘raise the stakes’ in a world facing an explosion of health care challenges we are ill prepared to meet.

Discussion topics include: Essential life-style changes for the chemically injured; medical evidence of toxic exposures; ongoing research into the cascade of chronic health effects following initial insults; obtaining quality health care for maximum healing; accommodation and disability issues, and the psycho-social impacts upon patients and their families. Strategies for advocacy are reviewed with consideration given to those economic, legislative, social and educational issues which give rise to these preventable illnesses.


It is not a sign of good health to be well adjusted to a sick society – J. Krishnamurti

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